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HVAC Unit Cleaning

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It's important that your HVAC unit is able to work efficiently, as otherwise it may start inflating your electricity bill. Also, if the unit is cleaned regularly, its filters can clog up and some dust particles and other contaminants may start circulating through your property as a result. Fortunately, ensuring the unit is clean and efficient is easier than you think. All you need is give us a call. We're a team of dedicated and fully trained professionals that know how to carry out all the required maintenance tasks.HVAC Unit Cleaning

Front To Back Inspections

Before a thorough cleaning can take place, it’s important to conduct a complete maintenance check. This helps us identify any defects in the unit, and it includes checking all the mechanical aspects. Once our team is certain there are no underlying issues, we can get around to the serious business of giving every nook and cranny a good cleaning. Before we leave, we’ll turn your unit on to make sure it’s working smoothly again.

Testing The Air Quality

If you’re worried about the particles and pollutants from outside infiltrating your home you should get the air quality tested. This can let you know how many contaminates are circulating through your indoor air, and whether you need to have the air ducts checked for leaks or to have them cleaned thoroughly. Our team has the necessary equipment and training to test the air quality in your home while your HVAC unit is on and give you accurate results that will help you decide how to proceed.

Fast and Effective Repairs

It sort of defeats the purpose of going through all the trouble of getting your HVAC unit cleaned and checked if you neglect to have any discovered problems fixed in a timely fashion. Aside from potential health risks that can result from problems with your HVAC unit, a lot of issues can cause your energy bill to grow.

Need Some Assistance?

Our experts at Air Duct Cleaning Hacienda Heights are ready help you with all your HVAC related needs, whether it involves repairing some part of the main unit or cleaning it and testing the air quality. Give us a call today.

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