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Homeowners in Hacienda Heights, California, don’t have air duct cleaning at the top of their priority list. The main reason is a lack of awareness regarding the effects of a dirty air duct. A clean air duct is the key to a perfectly functioning HVAC system. Contacting a professional air duct cleaning company Hacienda Heights like us enables you to have the air duct cleaned without any issues.Air Duct Cleaning Company 24/7 Services

Checking the Air Ducts

As mentioned before, people living in Hacienda Heights seldom check their air ducts for dirt and debris. Usually, their schedule is jam packed and they don’t have time to attend to such issues. If their HVAC system is operating without problems, they are perfectly happy to let it be. However, experts recommend that you get a reliable air duct contractor to clean the air ducts regularly.

The best way to find out if your air duct is dusty is by calling a professional air duct serviceman. You can do it yourself by opening up the vent and shining a light inside. You can undo the vent from any room in your house and flash a torch. You will see the dust and debris, if any, that has accumulated. The thicker the accumulated dust is, the quicker you need to call an air duct cleaning company Hacienda Heights.

Sometimes, the dust and debris emanate from the vents when you turn your system on. Regardless of the way in which you discover your air duct is dirty, you need to call an air duct contractor right away.

Get Your Air Duct Cleaned Regularly

Even if your air duct is not dirty, it is preferable that you have it cleaned regularly. There are a number of factors that influence how often you should have it cleaned.

The location you live in plays an important part. Hacienda Heights has considerable air pollution, reflected in the 2.2 breathability rating given in an independent survey. The air is dusty, which means the air ducts are going to get dusty over time as well.

  • The humidity level is another crucial factor. The weather in Hacienda Heights is warm and sunny. If the weather gets humid, your air ducts are going to get moist and damp. The dampness can cause major damage to it.
  • The time since you had the HVAC system installed is perhaps the most important factor. The older the air ducts are, the dirtier they are going to be. You need to have them cleaned as soon as possible. If they have been installed for over a year, call one of the air duct companies in Hacienda Heights promptly.
  • Changing the air filters regularly prevents the buildup of dust and debris. If you haven’t had the air filters replaced for some time, you should get it done and it is probable your air ducts will be in need of cleaning.
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