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A list of frequently asked questions and their answers, clearly explained for everyone. Do you know when's the best time to clean air ducts? Learn more about the great advantages of air duct cleaning.

Why should I clean my air ducts?

The systems of air ducts in your home can accumulate debris and dirt. Over time, these particles will build up and encourage the growth of bacteria. This can create a potential health hazard by compromising your air quality, but will also impede the efficiency of your system by reducing the flow and making the system work harder. This places additional strain on your HVAC and will cause higher energy bills and a greater risk of malfunction.

What are the warning signs of the need for cleaning?

There are a variety of signs which warn of a need for cleaning. Air Duct Cleaning Hacienda Heights advises that you should be aware of any stale smells or deterioration in air quality. Also, if you notice heavier dust around the home after you have cleaned, then there is a possibility that a buildup of debris has accumulated in the ducts which has begun to compromise the air. If you open up the vents, you may be able to see indications of this.

Do pests really live in air ducts?

Yes. There have been many cases reported when pests and even small animals were found to have nested inside air ducts. According to our experts, this is very dangerous because the critters could be carrying a lot of germs and bacteria that may be harmful to your health. Have them exterminated right away.

Are UV cleansers worth it?

These are devices designed for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms inside the HVAC system. This is done with the use of low-frequency UV light which kills mold and mildew spores, germs and even viruses. Systems with volume of up to three tons will need a single-lamp device. It is usually set in the air return for best results. The UV cleansers tend to have a long useful life without special maintenance.

How long should the dryer vent be?

A shorter vent will help the exhaust air to get released more quickly. At the same time, there are maximum limits set. There are special charts which show you the maximum length of a dryer duct based on the type of cap you plan to use and on how many 90-degree turns it has to have.

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