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Cleaning And Maintenance Methods

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Cleaning your air ducts consists of removing the debris, dust, and dirt found in the ductwork of the HVAC system. Dust particles and dirt are brought into the home constantly every single day. Based on our daily household activities, we also create indoor dust. Cooking, cleaning, and smoking are some of these examples. These airborne particles are drawn into the HVAC system. Over a period of time, the inner linings of the air duct system can become saturated with dust, pollen, and other contaminants.Air Duct Cleaning Company 24/7 Services


The ideology of cleaning your ducts is parallel to cleaning the floors of your home. Can you imagine never sweeping the floor year after year? The buildup would be unbearable, especially health-wise.  Cleaning your ducts is just as common as cleaning any other aspect of the home. There are several methods to air duct cleaning.


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This type of cleaning method uses a traditional vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and debris from within the HVAC duct. This is a good method; however it does have its disadvantages. The problem is: the vacuum’s hose does not extend the entire length of the ductwork. Some areas will be missed and not cleaned due to the length limitations.


Air Sweep Duct Cleaning

This method involves the use of an air compressor and a heavy-duty sized vacuum. The high pressure of the compressed air breaks-up dirt, debris, and dust from the ductwork walls. It also picks up the particles that are airborne. This process is very effective and thorough, yet can be quite time consuming.


Cleaning by Mechanical Brush

This cleaning method uses the components of a rotary brush and a vacuum. The brush loosens and scrapes the dirt, dust, and debris from the inner-linings of the ductwork. The vacuum removes the dust particles with this method also and is time consuming as well. Air duct cleaning Hacienda Heights recommends consulting with a professional to determine which method is best for you.

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